Good Day to Die

JDでIvy LeagueのLaw Schoolを目指す、純ジャパICU生の日常の記録

Note:How to change myself shining from inside and outside

How to change yourself shining from inside and outside

-How I accepted myself and came to be able to love myself-


1,Do what to do perfectly.

You often feel lazy to do ,

And sometimes feel nothing to do.

But try not to escape from the thing.

If you don't,the moment you feel emptiness will decrease I swear.

To finish something can make you feel good so much and can be 爽やかな世界の住人.

And that's first step to love yourself.

But *notice:never never blame yourself even when it's not done properly,okay?

The thing you should blame on is the thing, not yourself.


2,Enjoy the moment! / Not thinking too much

For example,「今日はあったかくて気持ちいいなあ」


Treasure your 素直な心。


3,Be filled with lots of appreciation!