Good Day to Die

JDでIvy LeagueのLaw Schoolを目指す、純ジャパICU生の日常の記録

last night


-Meeting for Group presentation of the global justice class/ morning classes

“Is Hannah coming or no? I cancelled my work for Hannah why is she not texting me(even leaving “read”)”

“まあいいやYay I wanna eat omlet, study lsat and gonna do productive things”(library)

Hannah priotizes other ppl okay she doesn’t think i’m important-go fuck yourself Hannah(勝手にしろ)まじドタキャンやめろ


Back to room

”omg I’m tired let’s watch some movies then”

After nanny’s story

”it was good movie! Hmmm should i go out for the show and egg or no?”

“Let’s just stay cozy and get great eye-blow”

“God already 1am shit gotta sleep”


”omg I feel like I’m living in the strage”

-All my energy is gone

”i have nothing fun”なんも楽しいことないから起きたくないお


Late for work

didn’t do anything productive